"No bench on the beach"™

College recruiting services are another part of the Endless Summer Volleyball Club. We can help make the connection between what many colleges need for a given year, and what players are available for that year. While no one can promise to get you in where ever you want, we can help get your foot in the door where openings exist for your specific strengths.


Prior planning is a must, and we can help you prepare properly the first time. Training with our beach club also adds another level of credibility to our ability to speak for you. This is optional of course, but truly helps when the time comes.



Plan 1: full time with Endless Summer Volleyball Club


Train full time twice a week.

One time recruiting fee from start to finish as long as training is continuous.

Plan 2. Recruiting only


This plan has no set training schedule. It gives you the flexibility to train with the ESVC coaches around your schedule if interested. Drop in and team training are available.




Registration is available  - click here!

Eden McCoy committed

to USC for 2021

Katherine Hofmann committed

to TCU for 2018

Zoe Almanza committed

to Oregon for 2019

The recruitment process requires frequent communication. We will need to cover schools of interest, academic and athletic enrollment options. Schools to focus on and what materials, videos, etc, all need to be co-ordinated for best results. Social media, website, and communication plans are part of the mix too, and will be completed by the player/family.

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